Anatol Thunder Manual 6 Station 6 Colour

Anatol Thunder Manual 6 Station 6 Colour



The Thunder is an industrial-grade manual screen printing press designed to handle high-demand printing while minimizing wear and tear on the user. The most durable manual screen printing machine on the market, the Thunder is an excellent addition as a sampling or production press. It has the same pallet arm and carousel design as the Anatol automatic screen printing machines. The dual bearing system provides easy movement throughout the day.

Standard Features

Design and Construction
  • Double bearing registration locks ensure the utmost print
    quality when running multi-color jobs
  • Heavy-duty steel frame and roller bearings support quick and smooth operation
  • Conical gusseting system provides uniform pallet arm support to prevent the pallets from flexing or twisting. When printing, it is important that pallets are unyielding to squeegee pressure
  • 100% tool-less setup and operation
  • Three point micro registration of the screen in a true X & Y axis (front to back, left to right, rotational movement)
  • Fine threaded micro registration (same system as our automatic presses)
  • Easy to read micro registration targets
  • Compatible with Anatol’s ARME pre-registration system, as well as many other common pre-registration systems available on the market
Pallet System
  • 16’’x 22’’ solid aluminum, low profile rubber coated pallets standard, with a variety of specialty and custom pallets available separately
  • Slide-style pallet system
  • Four-point pallet leveling system
  • Swivel feet on screen clamps to prevent movement while tightening
  • Laser alignment system for quick and easy apparel adjustment
  • Air screen clamps
  • Jacket hold down pallets
  • Youth and sleeve pallets
  • Vacuum pallets
  • Quick release pallet system
  • Choice of side or rear clamps at no extra cost
  • Quartz flash cure units on height-adjustable floor stands
Print Heads
  • Print heads have an adjustable, spring-guided tensioning system; no lubrication required
  • Off-contact and screen pitch adjustments are located on each print head
  • ’’All Heads Down’’ feature on models with an equal number of stations and colors allows you to print any color from any print head on any pallet
  • Adjustable side screen clamps provide maximum stability
Air screen clamps
  • Secure your screens instantly with the flick of switch to ensure exact registration alignment. (Requires air compressor.)


Colors/Stations Diameter Max Screen Size Max Print Size Standard Pallet Size
6/6 9’6″ (290 cm)
with screens in
26″ x 36″
66 cm x 91 cm
21″ x 28″
53 cm x 71 cm
16″ x 22″
41 cm x 56 cm

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