Add a unique look to your custom garments with Anatol’s flocking system.

Flocker unit is available in two models with flocking areas of 15” x 17” (38cm x 43cm) or 20” x 28” (51cm x 71cm).


For those screen printing shops looking to take on flocking, Anatol has you covered. The Anatol Flocking Machine easily installs into a designated print station on your screen printing equipment, allowing the operator to combine both screen printing and flocking on the same t-shirt printing press.

The Anatol Flocking system gives shops the ability to add flocking to t-shirts and other textiles. The adhesive applicator ensures adhesive is applied only to the area to be flocked. The head-mounted vacuum helps to keep the work area clean and minimizes lint in the shop. Additional modules can be added to handle multi-color flocking designs. The flocker system is mounted on a stand with caster to easily move it wherever you need it.

Standard Features

  1. Adhesive applies only to the specific area to be coated with flocking
  2. Head-mounted Vacuum Cleaning Units necessary for cleaning after the flocking process
  3. Can combine multiple modules on a press for multi-color flocking
  1. Steel mesh screen
  2. Sealed flock container prevents contamination for a clean flocking process
  3. Fully integrates into most Anatol automatic screen printing presses
  4. Electrostatic generator included
  5. Accommodates frames from 26″ x 31″ (66 cm x 79 cm) to 31″ x 43″ (79 cm x 109 cm)


Flocking Area Electrical Requirements
15″ x 17″
38cm x 43cm
1 Phase, 115 VAC, 2 AMPS, 60 Hz, 1.38 kW
1 Phase, 230 VAC, 2 AMPS, 50 Hz, 1.38 kW
20″ x 28″
51cm x 71cm
1 Phase, 115 VAC, 2 AMPS, 60 Hz, 1.38 kW
1 Phase, 230 VAC, 2 AMPS, 50 Hz, 1.38 kW

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