Considering UV LED Exposure

Considering UV LED Exposure

Kippax UV LED Exposure Units are fast, economical and produce excellent quality stencils.

Here are some key features the LED system will give over a metal halide light system:
  • Long life of LED’s and they do not deteriorate in power output (They work or do not work)
  • LED Life 7-8 years – Big saving over halide tube costs
  • Single Phase 240V
  • Lower heat on glass as 400Nm is outside the I.R range
  • 80% power saving against a 3 phase unit
  • Faster exposure times using a photopolymer emulsion (up to 4 times quicker)

Please see the video below to see a Kippax Table Top version in operation.

UV LED showroom for customer exposure trials.  Call (44) 01484 515112

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