Printwear and Promotion Exhibition 2019 Round-up

Printwear and Promotion Exhibition 2019 Round-up

Printwear and Promotion Exhibition 2019 was a big success for the 60 year old flat bed screen printing machine manufacturer, H G Kippax & Sons Ltd.  It proved that screen printing is still a large industry despite digital entering the graphics market.

With the reduction of screen printing in the graphic industry, it is still a good market for Kippax especially for the printing of heavy UV varnishes, special colours and enabling longer print life.

The screen print industry has seen the textile market continue to grow both in the high street and also the education sector which is an excellent sign for the future of screen printing.

One of the most interesting growth areas is industrial printing whose users may not call it screen printing but coating.  This includes decorative covering for market enhancement, safety marking, component dressing and surface colour change.

There is of course the technology changes with the developing of the LED light industry.  This has reduced screen stencil exposure times up to tenfold with an 80% saving on energy, totally cold exposure and LED light life of over 6 years.

The growth of LED ink technology is again giving a very significant saving on drying energy used and again a reduction of heat and longer life of the LED curing lights.

Technology has been very kind to the screen print industry in “reducing” production costs.

H G Kippax & Sons Ltd and Thieme KPX Ltd both thank P & P for an excellent exhibition!

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